Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Its About That Time...

Okay, I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing sexier [maybe there is, but thats not the point... : )] than a man rocking a sexual time piece...I'm a leather strap lover but I f**ks with chain bracelets too...its whatever, as long he looks absolutely sexual wearing it!!!

Try these...

Citizen Calibre 8700 £225

or this white and gold one by BREIL for under £170

or make like a friend of mine and get you a G-Shock...Zsa Zsa would approve, very Mr.West

or this one by Baume & Mercier £ 1325

and just because I like to look at things I can't really afford, I've decided to throw this one in as well

It's from the very exclusive HAUTLENCE brand, from it's HL line. The brand was created in 2004 and there is a limited and numbered edition of 88 pieces per model and retails for about 35, 000 Euros. The name Hautlence is an anagram of Neuchatel, a canton of western Switzerland, which is renowned for watchmaking. Sexual!!!

Loves It


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