Wednesday, 23 July 2008


The Minstrel Show (2005)

To say this is Little Brother's best album to date feels like I'm undermining their other works, so I will say this, this is MY favourite Little Brother album, and I'm not just saying.
 I can listen to this album all day, everyday, without skipping any tracks. From Phonte and Big Pooh's wonderful rhymes, to Phonte's alter ego 'Percy Miracles' and the side splitting skits, this album is definitely one of the better hip hop albums put out in the past few years; not to mention 9th Wonder's fantastic production.
sidebar: 9th left the group but still does some production for them.

You are now tuned into UBN ( U Black Niggas Network) 'watching' The Minstrel Show. 

>>and then PLEASE proceed to purchase it HERE if you like it. We need these people around.<<

There was this time in my life where strangely, when I would wake up (and this happened for quite some time), the song Beautiful Morning would be playing. I found it very odd, nice, but still odd. Maybe I had the album on repeat and when the song would play I would automatically get up...*shrugs*

'each day's another chance to do the things I could have/ done the day before but didn't and known I should have/ so I say a prayer for the gone for gooders/ who left this world then kiss my girl good morning sugar/ another sunrise, and as much as I would love/ to roll over on you, I cannot do it because/ the good Lord I prayed to him/ and He said 'Niggas is listening now', so I better have something to say to 'em/'
Beautiful Morning

'sometimes I think I'm from another world, when I'm trying to tell a woman just exactly where I stand at; I want a girl when I want a girl, and when I don't want a girl I want a girl who understands that' 
Slow It Down

'and I agree that everyone's a biter, but if you xerox the style, then thats infringing on my copyright'
We Got Now

Personal Faves: Gosh, everything! Beautiful Morning and Slow It Down have special places in my heart. Lovin' It is just the dOpEness. All For You, Say It Again, Sincerely Yours, We Got Now. 
Cheatin', performed by 'Percy Miracles', (I like to think), pokes fun at certain RnB singers. '1,2,3,4,5, really wanted you to be my wife
6,7,8,9,10, really wanted you to be my friend
11,12,13,14,15, can't think of nothing that rhymes with 15'
'ooh Lord, the backround singers just messed up, well Percy I don't give a f*ck!'

PS: I made all my friends listen to the 5th & Fashion skit, gets me everytime! '...ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, oooooh, (at 5th & Fashion), better call yo' niggaaaaaarrrr!!!' 

PLEASE, get into it!


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