Saturday, 23 August 2008

Benjamin Bixby

as spotted by the sartorialist

As one half of hip-hop duo OutKast, Mr. André Benjamin goes by quite a few monikers; André 3000, 3 stacks, Ice Cold; but come Fall, the name on most people's lips should be Benjamin Bixby.

The ridiculously cool Mr. Benjamin's American-football field, thirties inspired collection launches this Fall and I'm sure has something for everyone, whether it be to bring out the dapper, the eclectic or maybe, simply, the cool in you.

Available at Harrods this Fall.

See September GQ (British) for more details and pricing (p.189).

sidebar: I bought both GQ and Vogue (both British) this month and I'm afraid to say that I enjoyed reading the GQ more than I did Vogue.

( Might I add, also, that I also purchased Teen Vogue, which would mean that I have contributed my monthly quota towards the swelling of the accounts of the owners of publishing company Condé Nast. And you're welcome, David Carey... )

sidebar 2: thought of the day ::: A house is not a home without ketchup (don't ask).


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