Friday, 29 August 2008

News Update: EVEN More On The Death Of Adam

88 Keys is a clowner! I hope his album has really funny skits like Kanye did on the College Dropout and Late Registration, seeing as it is going to be executively produced by him. I am waiting for this one.

The Death Of Adam : October 28th

Apparently, the album has features from J*Davey, Kid Cudi (50 Ways To Make A Record is my song***bite me) and (drumroll please...) BILAL !!! I hope this means he has an album in the works. I will be first in line to purchase that! *I digress*

Here goes part 3 of the news update on Adam. This time around Shitake Monkey speak on it.

ROTFLMAO @ him cranking that soulja boy in the back...!
btw, Chip Adams is my hero! : )

sidebar: I added the 'Labels' feature; might make it easier to navigate the site. Posts labelled '5th And Fashion' are concerned with fashion and things of that nature, while the 'Because I Can' posts are just me in all of my randomness posting songs, videos, live perfrmances which though not entirely current, I think are really good songs and I might have some sort of personal attachment to.


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