Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Sol-AngeL & The Hadley Street Dreams

I've been so caught up in my little world lately that it didn't register that Solange's album release date in the UK was August 18th. Thankfully, it finally registered and I popped down to my local music store to get MY copy!

I think the album comes together very nicely and doesn't depart from the funk and jazz infused Motown sounds we've been hearing on the leaked/released songs. The vocals, instruments and arrangement are all on point, and with production by The Neptunes, Jack Splash and Mark Ronson amongst others, I think Solange has come a long way since her first offering, Solo Star. There aren't too many features (just two actually; Bilal and Lil' Wayne), and as a result one can really hear her (sound).

iLike: Would've Been The One, Sancastle Disco, Valentine's Day (she sounds frightingly like Beyoncé on this one), 6 O'clock Blues, Champagnechroniknightcap.

Cosmic Journey is my absolute favourite (probably because I'm partial to Bilal *!*).

The reason why I really like the album though is because the sound can't really be classified and there's something for everyone on it regardless of whatever genre you favour.

'...Hadley's a long road to travel...'

now someone pass me that good 'ooh-woo'


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