Friday, 27 February 2009

Because I Can | 25 Things

This post is inspired in part by the whole 25 things about you on Facebook and the lovely Samantha of O.M.O Writes

Instead of 25 things, I decided to write some random, maybe weird things about me that some people might not know...

Here goes

1. I'm obsessed with those little Heinz ketchup pots that you get at McDonalds. They make my day...they really do.

2. I don't eat eggs and up until recently, I wouldn't eat an easter egg either. Goldfish. I already said.

3. I'm completely OBSESSED with my skin. I own a hand mirror which I take almost everywhere. Most of my friends are pretty familiar with 'the little blue mirror'. As a result of my obsession and constant scrutiny, I have tried more than my fair share of skin products. I know what ingredients they contain and what the ingredients do...*shakes head*

4. Sometimes, I wish life were a BlackBerry and I could do a battery pull whenever I get stuck...

5. I was a very very skinny child...that, coupled with my large eyeballs...not a good look
In reference to said eyeballs, my friend calls me GARFIELD sometimes...simple b*tch

6. I have a GREAT fear of pigeons. I don't care whether I'm in public or there are people around me, I duck, run or cross the road to avoid them...something about those dirty grey feathers...

7. When I was little, my sister and I learnt how to turn on the cooker and this one time, she pretended she was tossing pancakes in a pan...only it was water in it...HOT WATER...which landed on and scalded my skin...

...then she begged me not to tell my mom...

the next day we were supposed to go out to dinner and I wore one of those little dresses with the tulle underlay...*OUCH*...I kept fidgeting all throughout dinner

...she found out eventually

8. I could watch my fave DVDs over and over again. This has resulted in quite a few friends having to endure The Beyoncé Experience more than anyone should have to. At some point I used it as a way to start negotiations with my sister...*heHe*

I am random, yeah I know...

: )


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