Friday, 20 February 2009


If any of my posts come across as rushed...its cos they kinda are...

I've been so busy lately with the move and settling into my new flat/city. I absolutely love it though! My internet *access* is quite limited so I have to squeeze in as many posts as I can, whenever I can... : (

Oh, I think I live below a wife beater...which is really sad...I can hear her hurried footsteps and screams sometimes... : ( : ( : (

Okay, so I saw the Notorious movie last night...if I didn't already know it, it is now firmly concluded in my mind that Pac and B.I.G died for NOTHING! I'm so mad... : (

I'm loving the Fall collections!!! I see a lot of black, black and more black which I am loving at the, cool beans!

*beaucoup d'amour*


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