Thursday, 12 February 2009

WilliamsWest | Alice's Boutique

Meet Alice Elizabeth Wood. Founder and owner of new UK label Alice's Boutique.

After working with her recently at a fashion show, I decided to have a little chitty chat with her...more like 21 questions really, only I had just 7...

When and why did you develop the idea for Alice's Boutique?

The idea of Alice’s Boutique has been there from an early age. Since the age of 15 when I decided I wanted to incorporate my love of Fashion into my education, I studied at The London College of Fashion studying Fashion Art and Design and then on to Fashion Photography and Styling. I learnt how to cut my own patterns and started making my own clothes. I would go into shops and could never find anything I liked that suited my shape let alone fit properly. I am petite but curvy and there seems to be a gap in the market for this.

At the moment, your clothes are custom made, any plans for a Ready To Wear line in the future?

I like the idea of Alice’s Boutique remaining a service where I cater to the customer and there specifications, but there are lots of things in the pipe line to expand the collection. A ready to wear line could be one of them.

Whose collection are you into at the moment?

Herve Leger is a huge inspiration to me. I look at the collection and dribble!

Your clothes are very colourful, flirty and fun...what inspires the designs?

Models at the Afrogala 2009 show wearing Alice's Boutique

My clothing really reflects my personality, most people who know me would describe me as a flirty, colourful and fun person.

What are your fashion/ beauty must haves at the moment?

Bold shoes to make your outfit pop and a good skin cleansing routine!

Seeing as WilliamsWest is about music as much as it is about fashion, what's on your iPOD at the moment?

I’m a very big Funky House fan. You can catch me doing a head shoulders, knees and toes skank to K.I.G.

Lastly, your style in three words?!

Confident, bold and sexy!!!

Alice's Boutique dresses start from £40 and up, while skirts and tops start from £35 and £15 respectively.

***see her website here


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