Thursday, 5 March 2009


Recently, I picked up a newspaper on my way home at the grocery store. It had a Jade Goody story on the cover. By now, everybody's heard of how she's got cancer and only has a short while to live, but I never really grasped the gravity of her situation until I read that article; apparently she only has weeks to live now and is in unbearable pain...come on now, the woman's only 27...

This in turn caused me to ponder on the quality of life I myself am living at the moment. I just roll over every morning, play couch commando by myself and if I'm really hungry, I just might make a trip to the grocery store...and I keep putting off things I need to do as though I've got all the time in the world...if words in the dictionary had pictures next to them, my small head and big eyeballs would be posted up right next to 'procrastinate'.

I think sometimes we take life for granted. I know not all people do, but for those like me who it may sometimes take an article in a paper which was picked up while doing the grocery shopping two days late to realise it, life is a gift and everyday really should be appreciated.

Soooo, in the spirit of my new found and hopefully not short lived proactive attitude, I'm currently looking for a short course to study something I've always loved and just generally trying to give a toss about my life. You only live once, why not do the things you love while you can.

*L'Chayim - a Jewish toast meaning 'to life'. The appropriate response to this is 'L'Chayim tovim ul'shalom' which means 'to a good life and to peace'.


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