Monday, 15 February 2010

Madame Grès




Madame Grès, also known as Alix Barton, born in 1903 as Germaine Krebs was one of the genius designers of the 30s. Madame Grès originally trained to be a sculptor which might explain why her dresses were moulded so perfectly to fit the female form.







Most of her designs employed the use of silk jersey and drapery techniques. Oftentimes, a dress would have fabric running uninterrupted from neckline to hemline, tucked, draped and nipped in specific places resulting in the works of art that were Madame Grès' dresses. Her influence is seen in the presentations of modern designers today. As with Madame Vionnet, Alix was also famed for cutting on the bias as well, which would further explain why her dresses looked and sat the way they did. Hopefully the House of Grès is resurrected soon and the creatives behind it do right by the sphinx of fashion.

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Frilly Socks And Docs said...

these are all gorgeous, i love the grecian inspired dresses, if only they were still available ! xx