Sunday, 18 January 2009

I'm Back!!!

Le Smoking by YSL

Really sorry. My alcoholism extended into the week. But I'm back now. This is sorta a mini-update...

I'm caught up with stuff at the moment; looking for a new flat, I need to move out of my current one next month. But I'm real excited though!!! Although I shall miss having Elroy *my current h/mate* around... : )

Oh, Zsa Zsa's having a parTay, so I'm helping her plan...err, she's also asked me to help design her two dresses...*eeEEEKKKK*
****no one's ever trusted me enough to ask me to do that for, it turn's out alright!

If all goes well, I shall post the sketches as well as the finished product...!!!

ps: I think I O.D'd on Audrey Hepburn last weekend...I saw Breakfast At Tiffany's, Funny Face and Roman Holiday almost in one go...*SMH*

Funny Face Trailer

saw Fame and The Breakfast Club as well!!!

and the point of all this is....I'M BACK!!!

wish me luck with the househunt!

***currently inspired by and loving YSL's Le Smoking. Androgyny is Love.


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enterrement vie de garcon said...

J'aime le style androgine.