Saturday, 30 August 2008

Lupe Fiasco : I Know Why


Tanya Morgan : LIVE

@ Fox Theatre

performing The Bridge and CUDDLE BUMS *insert SCREAM*, amongst others

' faced away from me as I'm about to enter it/ I'm whipped,the appeal of her is peeling at my heartstrings...'

Cuddle Bums -88 Keys ft. Tanya Morgan (Adam's Case Files)

Next Stop ::: Brooklynati!


The Foreign Exchange : Leave It All Behind

I've been meaning to post this, but I keep forgetting...anyway, here goes

videos promoting the soon to be released album Leave It All Behind by The Foreign Exchange (Phonte of Little Brother and Nicolay).

Their first project Connected was well received, so I shall be waiting impatiently for this one...

video 1

video 2


Friday, 29 August 2008

Because I Can

...and also because we all need to check our ingredients every now and again...

Baba Says Cool for Thought - Lupe Fiasco


Because I Can

Def Poetry Jam

Rev Run - Peter Piper



When Did You First Fall In Love...

...with Hip Hop?

from the movie Brown Sugar

1. I have watched this movie way too many times than is healthy
2. Sanaa Lathan is an absolute hottie!
3. I don't think Taye Diggs is as cute as he is made out to be >>>shoot me<<<

I think the first time I fell in love with Hip Hop (knowing that it WAS Hip Hop) would have to be when I heard Common's The Light.

as ?uestLove stated; 'It was freedom'

When did you first fall in love with Hip Hop?


News Update: EVEN More On The Death Of Adam

88 Keys is a clowner! I hope his album has really funny skits like Kanye did on the College Dropout and Late Registration, seeing as it is going to be executively produced by him. I am waiting for this one.

The Death Of Adam : October 28th

Apparently, the album has features from J*Davey, Kid Cudi (50 Ways To Make A Record is my song***bite me) and (drumroll please...) BILAL !!! I hope this means he has an album in the works. I will be first in line to purchase that! *I digress*

Here goes part 3 of the news update on Adam. This time around Shitake Monkey speak on it.

ROTFLMAO @ him cranking that soulja boy in the back...!
btw, Chip Adams is my hero! : )

sidebar: I added the 'Labels' feature; might make it easier to navigate the site. Posts labelled '5th And Fashion' are concerned with fashion and things of that nature, while the 'Because I Can' posts are just me in all of my randomness posting songs, videos, live perfrmances which though not entirely current, I think are really good songs and I might have some sort of personal attachment to.


Thursday, 28 August 2008

Because I Can

Goodie M.O.B
Beautiful Skin

'...some of y'all disrespect yourselves because you don't know who you are in the first place...'

Cee-Lo Green IS a soul machine!!!


Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Superwoman Part II: Michelle Obama

Parts of Michelle Obama's moving Democratic National Convention speech inserted into Alicia Keys' Superwoman. Yes We Can.

Alicia Keys - Superwoman (Michelle Obama)

Michelle Obama's speech

...because We Can.


The Talented Mr. Saadiq

spotted @ h.e.r

Love That Girl - Raphael Saadiq

off his album The Way I See It (September 16th)

and simply because I can, here goes a video of him covering Bilal (when shall a new album be dropped???), Angie Stone, Total & D'Angelo.

Get Into It


News Update: More On The Death Of Adam

Remember the first news report about The Death Of Adam, where rapper Q-Tip was interviewed? Well, this time around, Consequence and Kid Cudi speak about Adam

LOL @ 88 Keys taking off with Kid Cudi's food

sidebar: did you hear my song (Cuddle Bums) playing in the back???

The Death Of Adam - October 28th



Its Common and Pharrell!!! Thats just way too much sexy going on in one video...

This video is tHe cOoL btw

Announcement - Common ft. Pharrell


The Leak (The Inspiraton: Mixtape) Vol. 2

For those who love Mickey Factz and have been following all the leaks, here goes the mixtape(all the leaks in one)... and for those who don't know, google him NOW, the name's Mickey! (download below)


Because I Can | Jay-Z

I put my American Gangster album on today and hell, ish is still as good as the first time I heard it. Good Golly, I am eagerly awaiting that Blueprint III. As he said himself;

'...Art with no easel, please there's no equal, your boy's off the wall, these other n*ggas is Tito...'
Party Life - Jay-Z


I Know (Live)

The instruments are CRAZY! Good Lawd.

'...I'm so for sure, its no facade/ stay outta trouble mama said as mama sighed/ her fear her youngest son being the victim of homicide/ but I gotta get you outta here mama or Imma die/ inside/ and either way you lose me mama, so let loose of me/ I got the reign/our direction will soon change/ to live and die in NY in the hustle game/ hustle cane, hustle clothes or hustle music/ but hustle hard in any hustle that you pick/ skinny n*gga toothpick but/ but I do lift weight like I'm using 'roids/ Rolls Royce keep my movements smooth while maneuvering/ through all of the manure in the sewer that I grew up in/ choices we make trying to escape...'

No Hook - Jay-Z (2nd verse)

Get Into It


Tuesday, 26 August 2008

(Mo)Doll Behaviour

As Fashion Week approaches, and all the fabulousness gets underway, its easy to feel left out. Not to worry though, I've got tickets to a fashion show of a whole other kind.

Upcoming lingerie line P!nk & Ruffles will be hosting a lingerie show/sample sale as well as a showcase of a few other upcoming designers in the UK.

Tickets start from £15 for normal seats. Front row seat prices are available on request and include special P!nk & Ruffles goodie bags accompanied by champagne on arrival; and with rumours of a DOLL auction, (Victoria's Secret have Angels, P!nk & Ruffles have DOLLS) , I will most definitely be marking my calender. Bring on those male (and female) models!

P!nk & Ruffles Lingerie Show

6pm - 11pm

Friday, 5th September


The London Irish Center
50 - 52 Camden Square,
Camden Town,


for ticket bookings and more details, e-mail

*Look for ME*


Good Morning

This is super kawaii. I love it!

Good Morning - Kanye West

'...I mean, damn, did you even see the test, you got D's, mo'f*cker D's, Rosie Perez'


Saturday, 23 August 2008

Me & Mrs. Jones

Way before the lady from J*Davey came out with the side of her head shaved, way before Rihanna became 'edgy' and did the cool cut, way before expressing individuality through your clothing became cool, way before modern day R'n'B singers started fusing their music with a vast array of different genres, one lady did it all.

Kelis rocking the bowl cut

Her non-conformist attitude and her willingness to experiment is probably what is most endearing about her (to those who love her), and most annoying (to those who don't).

vintage Kelis

Young, Fresh N' New off the album Wanderland

Whether it be in fashion or music, Kelis rarely follows and mostly leads.

rocking the high waist before most in her video for Bossy

with husband, Nasir Jones

Cool Kid Kelis
I ♥ her

3 cheers for those who, not only can't fit into the box, but are so far ahead, they can't even see it.


Benjamin Bixby

as spotted by the sartorialist

As one half of hip-hop duo OutKast, Mr. André Benjamin goes by quite a few monikers; André 3000, 3 stacks, Ice Cold; but come Fall, the name on most people's lips should be Benjamin Bixby.

The ridiculously cool Mr. Benjamin's American-football field, thirties inspired collection launches this Fall and I'm sure has something for everyone, whether it be to bring out the dapper, the eclectic or maybe, simply, the cool in you.

Available at Harrods this Fall.

See September GQ (British) for more details and pricing (p.189).

sidebar: I bought both GQ and Vogue (both British) this month and I'm afraid to say that I enjoyed reading the GQ more than I did Vogue.

( Might I add, also, that I also purchased Teen Vogue, which would mean that I have contributed my monthly quota towards the swelling of the accounts of the owners of publishing company Condé Nast. And you're welcome, David Carey... )

sidebar 2: thought of the day ::: A house is not a home without ketchup (don't ask).


The Leak #35

Spoken word over a smooth serenade.

Green Light

...and I LOVE IT! What's cooler than being cool??? ICE COLD!!!

been jamming to this song since I posted it back in June. williamswest favourite Estelle also makes an appearance in the video.

Cool Bananas.


Friday, 22 August 2008

100... And Counting

100th post mark! Somehow, it feels like I've been doing this for longer. To those who find the time to drop by every now and again, thank you, I do this for my people!!! *LMAO*

I wish I had some fantastic post to mark this occasion(?), but all I've got is Ne-Yo's video for Miss Independent. The song really doesn't do much for me, but I love the ladies in the video, so here goes.

sidebar: someone please buy me (and themselves) tickets to go see De La Soul, my brain is slowly turning to mush. *SMH*


Thursday, 21 August 2008

Blackberry? Blueberry? ... Whatever You Like!

I came across this site where you can send in your BlackBerry (and some other gadgets) and it comes back whatever colour you choose, as opposed to a skin which only covers part of the device. There are two options; buy and then customise, or send in a pre-owned device. Although they ship internationally, the send-in option is not available internationally. See their site for more details.

Jay-Z with his white ColorWare BlackBerry


Because I Can | Common

Retrospect For Life - Common ft. Lauryn Hill

' 315 dollars ain't worth your soul...'

Off his album One Day It'll All Make Sense, the song contains samples from Donny Hathaway's A Song For You and Stevie Wonder's Never Dreamed You'd Leave This Summer. The video was directed by Lauryn Hill.

One of my life goals, is to collect Mr. Lonnie Rashid Lynn (Jnr)'s albums and pass them down to my kids, someday. : )



Jay-Z meets Oasis : The Album (Cookin Soul + Hip Hop Dx + 2dOpE boyz)

download here

Noel Gallagher: will this ever end??? LOL

Catch Them If You Can

Hip Hop icons De La Soul would be performing in the UK at The Jazz Café, which has played host to other acts such as Dwele and Little Brother in the past. Catch them from 7pm everynight from Monday, 25th August till Sunday the 31st.

Tickets start from £35. Book here

see also: Pharoahe Monch - Thursday, 21st August.

The Jazz Café

5 - 7 Parkway,

Camden Town,



Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Gym Class Heroes + Estelle


see also

*via h.e.r. & 2.d.b*


Sol-AngeL & The Hadley Street Dreams

I've been so caught up in my little world lately that it didn't register that Solange's album release date in the UK was August 18th. Thankfully, it finally registered and I popped down to my local music store to get MY copy!

I think the album comes together very nicely and doesn't depart from the funk and jazz infused Motown sounds we've been hearing on the leaked/released songs. The vocals, instruments and arrangement are all on point, and with production by The Neptunes, Jack Splash and Mark Ronson amongst others, I think Solange has come a long way since her first offering, Solo Star. There aren't too many features (just two actually; Bilal and Lil' Wayne), and as a result one can really hear her (sound).

iLike: Would've Been The One, Sancastle Disco, Valentine's Day (she sounds frightingly like Beyoncé on this one), 6 O'clock Blues, Champagnechroniknightcap.

Cosmic Journey is my absolute favourite (probably because I'm partial to Bilal *!*).

The reason why I really like the album though is because the sound can't really be classified and there's something for everyone on it regardless of whatever genre you favour.

'...Hadley's a long road to travel...'

now someone pass me that good 'ooh-woo'


Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Jackin' Jay - Z

no that ain't pilates, her body's just thick
*i digress*

Jay-Z meets Oasis

'...that bloke from Oasis said I couldn't play guitar,somebody shoulda told him I'm a f*cking rock star'

I'm sure Noel Gallagher is sitting somewhere wondering why the hell he opened his big mouth
*via h.e.r *

Monday, 18 August 2008

Pretty Please

So Estelle has released a 4th video off her new album Shine. It features hotties Jackie Long and Aubrey O'Day but Cee-Lo Green was no where in sight.

I kinda liked the video, although am not so sure 'bout some of the looks Estelle was rocking but she is doing her thing and I can't knock her hustle. Go on girl.

***Zsa Zsa***


Kanye West's Pastelle line in VMan as modelled by Rihanna, Lupe Fiasco and Kanye himself

Lupe on Leaks

I Get Money (For REAL) - 50 Cent, Jay - Z, Diddy


Sunday, 17 August 2008

Because I Can

Nina Simone : LIVE

Nina Simone - Aint Got No/ I Got Life


When Was The Last Time You Saw Adam Alive?

88 Keys - The Death Of Adam : October 28th

I'm looking foward to this one as I really liked the Adam's Case Files mixtape.


Saturday, 16 August 2008

Sandcastle Disco : Video

and I love it!

my favourite scene is of her running track on the vinyl record. Cool Bananas.


The Birds & The Bees

The Birds & The Bees - Lupe Fiasco (produced by Kanye West)


Friday, 15 August 2008

The Leak #34

I'm really, really feeling this one. It kinda reminds me of Jacob's Ladder, somehow.

with Von Pea from Tanya Morgan

'...I'm not an actor or a rapper, I'm a man who's inspired by my peers so that makes me a fan, who are you?'


Because I Can | D'Angelo

D'Angelo - Send It On (Live)

I really cannot explain how much I love (good) live performances. Its in the instruments, the band, the emotion. *Get Into It*


Mark Your Calender

August 26th is the release date for Sol-AngeL & The Hadley St. Dreams. I know I keep harping on about the album, but its just beause I've heard some really good songs off it. In anticipation, here's Solange performing T.O.N.Y (The Other Night Why) and 6 O'clock Blues.


I Fell In Love On Portobello Road


A friend and I decided to hang out on Saturday as we were both bored and I hadn't seen her in a long time. Anyway, we decided to just hop on the tube and go wherever, we ended up at Notting Hill and then we went for a stroll down Portobello Market/ Portobello Road. I really cannot stand the smell of old clothes but they can be so pretty to look at sometimes.

As we approached a stall where some Nina Simone was playing and we stopped to look at Jazz collections, it started to true residents of this beautiful country with crazy weather, we had our umbrellas ready and proceeded to walk some more, down the street, before we would retire for the day.

I remember my friend uttering the words, 'I smell cake, lets go in'; and in we went. There were beautiful little cupcakes everywhere...the smell was wonderful. And then I saw her(him); it was love at first sight (and first bite as well).

Red Velvet Cupcake

cupcake in box

I had some chocolate with chocolate frosting and vanilla with chocolate frosting, while my friend went for the 'bling bling' ones.

The Hummingbird Bakery is located at 133, Portobello Road, Notting Hill London, W11 2DY.


Miss Santi White

I've been a lazy blogger and I really do apologise. While I was being lazy, Miss Santi White dropped the video for Lights Out. So here goes....

I really heart the video. Cool Bananas!

sidebar: Solange's video for Sandcastle Disco should be with us really soon...! (from what I've seen, I think it involves dancing on a piano and a drum and a pretty blue dress, but lets wait and see). Now, lets pray and hope those Freemasons people don't ruin the song for those of us that love it just the way it is.


Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Finally, a video for this song...I guess they wanted to release the single to co-incide with the Olympics. Smart move. BUT. I think he could have come up with a better concept for the video, and very cheap too...

Just combine footage from Manchester United's past season, with special focus on the Barclays Premier League and UEFA Champions league. Absolute perfection (!) I kid. Maybe not.


Sunday, 10 August 2008

...And Another One

Community Shield 2008: Won

...because we are made like that! Winning is a habit!


and congratulations to Ryan Giggs for winning the Community Shield for the 7th time!

can someone say f*ck a Ronaldo...thank you.

poor Portsmouth, the moment they missed the first penalty, it was a wrap!

Man of The Match: Carlos Tevez

Next Stop: Barclays Premier League 2008/2009


Thursday, 7 August 2008

Apparently... the Blueprint 3

Jay-Z and Kanye at the Madison Square Garden.

I'm still bumping my American Gangster and Kingdom Come (The Prelude is my sh*t), so I am most definitely looking foward to this one!



Do You Have Any Black Inside You...?

Everybody Nose (remix) - N.E.R.D. ft. Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco & Pusha T


Saturday, 2 August 2008

Air Questos

Illadelph finest, ?uestlove, in collaboration with Nike, has come up with these shoes called Air Questos. I'm not exactly a sneaker head, but I love Mr. Thompson so, here goes.

I like that they put an image of him with the pick in his hair on the shoe!

Inside the shoe is a drawing of him drumming! I just might like the inside of these shoes more than I do the outside!

While I may not be rushing out to buy ?uestlove's shoes, I think these (below), on the other hand are really fly.

adidas Originals Stan Smith, in collaboration with American hip hop artiste Aesop Rock, released by Upper Playground

for the sneaker head in you!


More Sol-Angel

In anticipation of her new album, I Decided < : D > to put up some of what I've heard from her lately.

F*uck The Industry (Signed Sincerely) - Solange

F*uck The Industry (Signed Sincerely)

She samples Kanye's Everything I Am (obviously, this is not going on the album, I think its off an upcoming mixtape called 'I Can't Get Clearance' )

Champagne Chronic Nightcap - Solange

ChampagneChroniKnightCap ft. Lil Wayne

I really like this one for some odd reason

performing 6 O'clock Blues at the Essence Music Festival

Solange - God Given Name - Solange

God Given Name

Solange - White Picket Dreams - Solange Knowles

White Picket Dreams

best of all, I hear there are guest appearances by Marsha Ambrosius, Q-Tip and she has a song with BILAL (!) called Cosmic Journey on the upcoming album!!! I love her even more now. Bilal is insanely slept upon. Its actually quite tragic.

...and the point of all this is...BUY THE ALBUM! August 26th.


Friday, 1 August 2008

Fashion Rocks, Music Rocks Harder!

Forget Beyoncé, forget Mariah, the person whose performance I'm really looking forward to seeing come 9th of September (well, the event is slated for the 5th, but its aired on the 9th) is Solange's! I think she's really come into her own as an artist and a performer/singer. When I see her sing/perform, it doesn't come across as contrived or rehearsed to perfection which I think is refreshing to see. Get on stage and see where the music takes you.

sidebar: see also, her brilliant perfomance of 'Be My Baby' with Charlotte Church here

Get into it!

Sol-Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams is out 26th of August.

The Leak #32

Going Nowhere + Dolla
(its all one mp3)

Tell the story from the point of view of a record (Vinyl) trying to get love in the huge era of CD's (90's) and how difficult it is for you to do so and the struggles of being quality but overlooked. Then transition to the same concept with CD's and mp3s and downloads...
Kyle Cannavaro

I would like the next concept to be... You as a dollar bill and what goes on as you pass from hands... From drug dealers all the way to the big dogs in congress. Just an idea...
Ricardo Santiago

basically, Mr. Factz has translated two of his fan's ideas into a song. Nicely done as well.
Get into it!


Center of Attention

The Simmon kids seem to be dipping their hands in all areas of the entertainment world. Angela Simmons has a magazine, sneaker/ trainer line and stars in reality show Runs House, and now shes into music. This song was released to promote her and Vanessa's (her sister) sneaker line. What do you think?

I see it growing on me.

***Zsa Zsa***