Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Because I Can | Lauryn Hill

Turn Your Lights Down Low - Bob Marley + Lauryn Hill

'loving you is like a song I replay,
every three minutes and thirty seconds of everyday,
and every chorus was written for us to recite,
every beautiful melody of devotion every night,
this potion might, this ocean might, carry me,
in a wave of emotion to ask you to marry me,
and every word, every second and every third,
expresses the happiness more clearly than ever heard, 
and when I play 'em, every chord is a poem,
telling the Lord how grateful I am cos I know him, 
the harmonies possess a sensation similar to your caress, 
if you asking then I'm telling you its yes,
stand in love, take my hand and love Jah bless'


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