Saturday, 23 August 2008

Me & Mrs. Jones

Way before the lady from J*Davey came out with the side of her head shaved, way before Rihanna became 'edgy' and did the cool cut, way before expressing individuality through your clothing became cool, way before modern day R'n'B singers started fusing their music with a vast array of different genres, one lady did it all.

Kelis rocking the bowl cut

Her non-conformist attitude and her willingness to experiment is probably what is most endearing about her (to those who love her), and most annoying (to those who don't).

vintage Kelis

Young, Fresh N' New off the album Wanderland

Whether it be in fashion or music, Kelis rarely follows and mostly leads.

rocking the high waist before most in her video for Bossy

with husband, Nasir Jones

Cool Kid Kelis
I ♥ her

3 cheers for those who, not only can't fit into the box, but are so far ahead, they can't even see it.


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